lazy sunday afternoon
Dec 14, 2008

…the past couple of weekends i (along with my traveling team) have been shooting cheerleading events in california….we got home this morning at 3am…boy are we tired!!… the gig invloves different cheerleading events and shooting their team while they are performing. the parents and athletes can then view and purchase the photos almost immediately after they are taken… on an average day we have about 70 teams come through with a 2-3 min routine, and i take about 60-80 photos of each team…so thats about 5600 photos in span of just 6hours or so…its a rush to capture those “money shots”!

i am pleased that i am actually home today with my little family, i have missed spending my weekends with my little girl… i am also pleased that next weekend i have just one shoot! i cant wait to meet M on sat, she is going to be a new momma and i get to shoot her beautiful bellly!!

i am also glad that this week is going to be slow around dolce, i have a ton of “office” stuff to catch up: new business cards, mailing orders out, photos edited, some album work…the list is long… dolce is also working on a whole new look for the beginning of the new year… new website, new pricing and new products! so stay tuned!!

well, i am going to go enjoy the rest of my lazy sunday afternoon…i hope you all have a relaxing weekend….

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