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Feb 13, 2009

…i just got from spending seven days in las vegas shooting the JAMZ National Cheerleading Event at The Orleans, i am working in partnership with a production company: RT Productions … now this is my fifth year to be doing this, but i have not worked it for the past three… let me tell you.. i am worn out!! i had forgotten how different it is than shooting in my studio or on location…i am in charge of a group of two others, who with their help we line-up, pose, shoot the girls and get them on their way all in about a span of 2-3 min… (we are really good at what we do!!) some of the teams include up to 37 girls with 8 coaches… so yea, it had been a fun week! i am enjoying my quiet time for the remainder of the week as i am gearing up to go back in less than a week….

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