::MINIvaca::part 1
Apr 24, 2009

…it had been in the works since the end of january… my husband ‘stumbled’ upon some clues at the end of feb, but it was still an amazing weekend…a long time ago (BC:before child) we would just get up and go somewhere for a weekend, just the two of us, doing everything from scuba diving to sitting on the beach and flying kites… we had not done anything like this since our baby was born (almost 2 yrs ago) so i had planned a weekend away in Santa Clarita, CA right next to Six Flags Magic Mountian, it was awesome! just the two of us, just like old times….we spent all day fri/sat at the park … sat evening drove down to Santa Monica Pier…it was beautiful… here are some pictures of our time at the beach….

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