::Tea Time::
Apr 24, 2009

…yes, i know it has been about a week since the “Tax Day” Tea Parties sprung up all across the nation on the 15th…(i have had no time to edit any personal stuff as of late)… now let it be stated, i am not one to discuss my political stance on a ‘business’ blog, but i can not help myself from attending gatherings of masses proclaiming their beliefs, whether it be “no more taxes” or “no oil for blood” (yes, i have attended a few anti-war rallies in San Francisco) For me, its not a political thing, its a people thing…. I just love to see the emotions on people’s faces, their passion on display, its so beautiful to see free speech in action!! this was a rather mild gathering, but i had a great time shooting!! i also shot w/ my old 35mm pentax, positive film, gotta get it down to the lab…

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