Feb 05, 2010

…so i have been around…just really busy…not complaining…life has a funny way of just creeping up on you!…we experienced two personal losses in jan, one which required us to be out of the state for two full weeks…then we we got back we home spent one week here and then hopped a flight to vegas to work our annual gig with RT Productions and JAMZ Cheerleading/Dance…here are just a few pics of what typical day @ JAMZ nationals looks like:




…sorry for the poor quailty of pictures…(both of my babies were at the shop for some routine cleaning and maintenance)… got to love the camera phones!!… we are headed back to vegas in two weeks for another round of cheerleaders…very exciting!!… we wont see it slow down until the end of March with Melissa and Brians beautiful wedding taking place at Troon North Scottsdale…so thankful for the busy!!!

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