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::helpOUT::donate::give:: of my oldest friends {we have known each other since kindergarten} was recently with diagnosed with a progressive cancer called Acute Myloid Leukemia...she is a beautiful, young mother and wife...she was been undergoing treatments to fight the cancer, in effort to help offset some of the medical costs, Dolce is donating 50% of all sessions booked from now until →


...summer is such a great time to get out and see America...i have been fortunate enough to be able to take off for a few weeks here and there and get out and stretch my july i {along with my daughter} drove from AZ to IND, we passed through 12 states and got to take in some old and →

::HOLLYdays:: phoenix holiday sessions::

::weideman:: phoenix portrait photographer::

...just a few of sheryl's sassy side...

::anderson::mesa family photographer::

...yay!! the andesrons!! i met leighton years and years ago when i was a barista @ stapley and the 60...he was my manager and was always nice enough to give days off so i could fly to CA to get my hair cut by kelly...(aahhh now those were the days!!)....when i first met leighton and jenora they just had a →

::little loves:: phoenix childrens photographer:: recent trip home to Indiana allowed me the chance to shoot for my sister in is little tyler's birthday (he is one!!) sucha cutie!!... i dont get to see my niece and nephews that often, so it was such a treat to spend a few hours with them and shoot!!...

::three:: phoenix childrens photographer::

...ok, so in two weeks my little bug will turn three...when did that happen?!... here are her "three year" photos...

::dolce.published:: phoenix wedding photographer:: cool is this? DOLCE got of our photos from the Sahnd Wedding at Troon North Golf Club made it into Arizona's Finest Sites's  June issue... the photo is of the gorgerous bouquet by Flowers By Jodi in Scottsdale...YAY!!! so cool and very proud of our team!!...

::indiana revisted::

...spent yesterday exploring my homestate and town...its is so cool to revisit the same spots i enjoyed as a kid and see them through my adult eyes, and even cooler yet is seeing them through my daughters eyes...this was my daughters first experience with thunderstorms that roll in from seemingly nowhere and  dipping her  toes in 'scary dirty' lakes...we also stopped →


...cross country road trip...just me and my daughter...sweet!! i have made this trip many many many times with my family, but this is the first time to make it solo (meaning i am the only driver..oye!!) break it up we stopped in St Louis yesterday to visit the was pretty more thing off my life list! check!!

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...the Muellers, what can i say about the Muellers?!...i LOVE them!! they have been family friends for a couple of years now and they are just about the most sincere, warm and funny people you have ever met!! I have had the awesome opportunity to capture Ambers first baby bump almost two years ago and now again for Baby Mueller →

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...working thru some my clients photos, ran across this gorgeous photo of Meridith...

::BOPGOP:: Phoenix Family Photographer:: addition to our Sizzlin Summer Sessions we are also offering "Buy One Print Get One Print"....for every new session booked before Sept 30, 2010...

::Sizzlin' Summer Session:: Phoenix Family Portraits::

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...yay! the day arrived!! parker is one!!!...i had the extreme pleasure of being a part of his kickin' birthday party yesterday... i love when clients are more than just sweet!!

::hannah:: phoenix portrait photographer::

  ...OW! OW!... meet hannah, not only is she one foxy lady, she is also my older sister... POW!!... we braved the 104 degree weather yesterday afternoon in downtown phx for a sassy lil' session... it was so fun to hang out and shoot with my sister before she moves back to the land o' corn... beautiful girl!!

::chuck:: phoenix portrait photographer::

...holy hotness!!...this is my 'not-so- little'  little sister, Charity...we did shoot up in sedona yesterday...the lighting was perfect, the subject gorgeous, beautiful location...

::parker:: phoenix childrens photographer:: my favorite little handsome boy turns 1 on saturday!!...i have gotten the awesome opportunity over the last year to photograph little Parker as he changed from a wee wittle a little man child...its so wierd to see this handsome little guy just walkin around... i have loved watching parker grow!! defs a hi-light of my job...i love love love →

::cluff::phoenix family photographer:: are the cluff'.cute!!...waaay too many photos to choose from...seriously, wowza!!! here are just a handful of photos....Miss  Jenee was a natural in front of the camera, and Serena?! a spirited little girl, she reminds me of my own daughter...too cute!...

::statzer:: phoenix portrait photographer:: is Robin, she is the creative designer for Compass Church...and creative she is!! Robin and her family are such a treat to photograph! Her girls are adorable!!....

::hudec:: phoenix portrait photographer::

...another beautiful lady from Compass is Gay! Gay is the head of the Children's Ministry, I have honestly never seen her without a smile on that lovely face!!

::willard:: phoenix portrait photographer::

...SWEET SWEET SWEET!!!...Here is the Willard family: David, Laura, Chelsea & Jacob...what a great family!!! lots of smiles and beauty!!..i had a great time shooting them!! ::Laura works in the office @ Compass Church::  Look at those eyes!! LOVELY LADY!!!

::jacobs:: Phoenix Portrait Photographer:: is the Jacobs Family... ...Tim is the lead Pastor @ Compass and pretty much rocks!! His family is adorable...looks at those kids?!! and i cant forget Judi...BEAUTIFUL!!!

::lawrence:: Phoenix Portrait Photographer this week i am in the process of updating staff photos for the awesome staff over at Compass Church in addition to head shots, the families also are doing quick mini sessions to show off their gorgeous broods... ::Stephanie is the Worship Leader at Compass. Every time she steps on stage her voice and passion shine thru::